Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)


Human Resource

NEG people and experience offer companies the resources to overcome virtually any HR challenge. NEG has demonstrated an unmatched ability to consistently deliver value across all sectors of industry. NEG is specialized in recruiting qualified native or culturally-competent professionals.

Placement Services
NEG is uniquely positioned and equipped to work as an extension of your HR department, or act as your intermediary across the continents from the developed world to developing countries and conflict areas. Our services range from workforce planning, recruitment, skill management, training and development, employee benefits, restructuring compensation structure, performance appraisals, to labor relations.

NEG team has 10 years of experience of serving corporations in following areas:
 > HR management strategy
 > HR 360-degree assessment
 > HR capacity training
 > Professional placement
 > Manpower recruitment

Working with NEG offers number of unique advantages to its clients such as:
 > Diversified talent pool
 > Due diligence at every step of hiring process
 > Post-hiring customer support during the probation period
 > Security clearance for all US classified positions

Industry Spectrum

Our CSR services are tailored to the needs of our clients from corporate and governmental sectors. We have a strong track record in the following business sectors:
> Construction
> Manufacturing
> Health Care
> Higher Education
> Financial Services
> Government Contracting

Recruitment Process

Step 1: Introductory Consultations
The systematic process begins with a detailed discussion, where client describes the position requirements, the company overview, operating principles, and external environment including competition and all other pertinent issues. In light of this information, we share our knowledge and advice, and describe how we can help the client refine their objectives and achieve the desired results.

Step 2: Position Descriptions and Working Plan
In consultation with the client we then prepare and submit a detailed position specification in which the client may or may not be identified, depending on the client’s preference and situation. Also, we can customize the description provided by the client.

This description is the basis for initial discussions with candidates and contacts in the field. At this stage, we also develop a working plan with the client, and set mutually agreed-upon dates for accomplishing major steps in the search, including client contact frequency and initial candidate interviews.

Step 3: Strategy and Research
While the position description is finalized, we simultaneously create a marketing strategy that would result in identifying the ideal candidate. To do this, we take into consideration market conditions, and the competition. Given our network domestically and internationally and our previous experiences in similar projects, we identify the target market for recruiting.

Step 4: Shortlist Prospective Candidates
This is the pivotal point in the process where we identify solid prospects for the position. Our experts aid in identifying the possible candidates within a very short period of time. Based on client’s preference, the client may or may not choose to see the shortlisted candidates. If the client chooses to see the shortlist, a complete report is generated with each candidates CV including candidate’s background, qualifications, current position and responsibilities as well as our preliminary assessment of each candidate based on their CV only.

Step 5: Prospective Candidate Interviews
Next, we hold interviews with potential candidates in person or via video-conferencing/teleconference anywhere in the world to assess their qualifications and motivation. This provides an opportunity to explore any client concerns which may be out-of-position scope. At this stage, it still may be desirable for the client’s name to remain confidential; however executives almost invariably are willing to enter into preliminary discussions with us.

Step 6: Verification Process
During the verification process, our expert verifies the candidate’s employment history, educational degrees, licenses, and converses with the professional references. This helps in assessing candidate’s management abilities, technical competency, integrity and personal skills and characteristics that are relevant. At this point in the process, we can comfortably pick the best fitting candidates from the shortlisted candidates.

Step 7: Client/Candidate Meetings
On a mutually agreeable time, of the client and the candidate, we setup a meeting in person or over the phone. Prior to the meeting the client and the leading candidates are fully briefed. This is a critical stage for both parties, and it is essential that each is thoroughly prepared if the meetings are to produce useful results. It is at this stage that the preferred candidate is identified.

Step 8: Candidate Evaluations
After the initial meeting, we have separate follow-up meetings with the candidate and the client to get their respective reactions and expectations. We help the client, where appropriate, to rate candidates against each element of the specification and to use these ratings to assist the client in forming their own conclusions. At this point the client may choose to have a follow-up interview with few preferred candidates after completing initial interview with all potential candidates.

Step 9: Offer Negotiations
Our market knowledge and our status as an impartial intermediary are invaluable to the client in the sensitive negotiations, as interests of both parties are considered. This benefits both parties and leads to a successful negotiation. During this aspect of the process, we assist in contractual compensation negotiations, and address any additional concerns which may include career progression, additional formal references, contract renewal terms etc.

Step 10: Follow-Up
After the offer is accepted, we often act as a liaison between the two parties to anticipate and resolve any outstanding issues, and to make the transition as smooth as possible. As we go through this process, we establish relationship with the client and candidate who we value and wish to continue into the future through periodic phone calls or face-to-face meetings.