Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)


Strategy Consulting

We define strategy as a coordinated set of actions aimed at creating and sustaining a competitive advantage in carrying out your organization’s mission. This definition drives every decision towards alignment, so that the mission, programs, and operational systems work in concert toward the same goals.

The key areas of expertise include:

Organizational Strategy
Since its formation in 2003, NEG has been assisting nonprofits to advance their mission and to deliver real value to the community or cause they serve, through successfully navigation of competitive, collaborative, and other market dynamics. In today’s rapidly changing world, continued success for many organizations will be determined by how well they adapt to change – and by how quickly they are able to do it.

Once the organizational strategy is developed, we offer insightful research that helps our clients to make appropriate decisions about management and organizational structures.

Strategic Planning
An organization that is growing and hopes to sustain that growth needs a set of strategies to guide its program development, to build a solid financial foundation, and to prepare for challenges that lie ahead. We help organizations to establish their strategic priorities and to identify goals and objectives designed to realize those priorities. Our approach to strategic planning is a practical one that takes into account critical but often neglected factors such as organizational culture and leadership commitment necessary for effective implementation.

Risk Management Strategy
A successful risk assessment increases the confidence of stakeholders and inspires practical action that positions the nonprofit for continued success. Through interviews with key stakeholders, review of written policies and procedures, site visits and careful examination of the external environment, we identify and prioritize critical risks facing the organization and offer detailed, practical suggestions to protect the organization’s mission and assets.