Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)


Quality Assurance

Organizations plan and execute certain actions in order to produce specific outcomes. These actions may include public education, direct service, fundraising, and other activities. Quality assurance is a means of assessing the quality of their programs and services and the impact on the community. NEG offers a range of services essential for funders and implementers to enhance the quality of their evaluation input in order to achieve the highest quality service output.

Organizational Assessment
NEG conducts organizational assessments, either directly for our nonprofit clients or on behalf of funders. For improved effectiveness, foundations and nonprofits often require an outside expert assessment in order to identify the specific issues and their solutions. Or, as is increasingly the case, nonprofits may seek objective assessment of their organizational and program capacity so they can better support their strategies with operational strengths. Our organizational assessment approach is a combination of staff and board self-assessment and qualitative research. Major areas of assessment include:
Governance Compliance Fiscal Management
Fundraising Communications Outcome Measurement

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
Organizations use monitoring and evaluation to learn about their own activities and results, to support internal planning and development, and to be accountable to their stakeholders. Organizations need evidence of their efficiency and effectiveness for funders, commissioners and investors. They also need to communicate their achievements to the wider public. The role of monitoring and evaluation is crucial to maintaining transparency and credibility as well. NEG subject experts have wide-ranging experience in performing M&E in the U.S. and abroad.

Intermediary Services
One increasingly popular policy strategy is to offer grant funding to intermediary organizations in an effort to strengthen communities. Funded intermediaries are tasked with building the capacity of community-based organizations at the local level and with disbursing grants efficiently. On behalf of funders, NEG offers project-based intermediary services mainly for programs in the developing countries.