Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)


Corporate Social Responsibility Services

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a change-agent can positively impact both the community and the business. Once it becomes a part of the corporate culture, CSR can be a powerful internal force and lead to increased loyalty and superior service for both customers and employees. As long as a CSR program is a true effort to give back, and not just a marketing or public relations effort, it can pay huge dividends for everyone involved.

CSR Strategy
NEG consultants work with clients to design and develop high-impact CSR programs to strengthen overall social responsibility of their entities. Our scope of work includes designing programs aimed at strengthening professional development, staff engagement and retention, performance incentives, team-building techniques, leadership abilities, consumer engagement and the brand building.
We will join you in researching how your company’s bottom line can be improved through a complete strategy that encompasses all the company’s stakeholders. We will help you to determine the costs and benefits of your corporate social strategy in the following ways:

1. Define corporate social responsibility
2. Tap the dynamics of stakeholder relationships
3. Explore the concept of social auditing
4. Visit business ethics
5. Explore relevant case studies

CSR Training
Our executive training seminars are designed to cover a number of issues surrounding CSR and provide companies with a pro-active strategy to help avoid potential crisis while preserving both reputation and sustainability. We help corporate leaders understand their increased social responsibility as an essential part of doing business.

Topics covered in the one-day seminar typically are:
1. Introduce key issues on corporate responsibility
2. Review recent work on measuring the impact of corporate philanthropy
3. Explore the development of corporate responsibility strategy and its harmony with business strategy
4. Discuss the move from corporate philanthropy to strategic corporate responsibility
5. Assess your business case for CR as well as your needs, concerns and actions
6. Suggest next steps

Other CSR Services
Corporate Code of Ethics: Design and Implementation
- Develop and implement a corporate code of ethics
- Analyze your corporate mission and values
- Identify critical areas in your company
CSR Impact Measurement
- Measure the quality of the company’s relationships with your stakeholders
- Assess CSR benefits to your company.

International Development and CSR
1. Design a plan to make your development interventions sustainable
2. Evaluate your CSR projects
3. Advise on your supply chains and labor standards
4. Work with you to understand the best social investment funds
5. Conduct labor market analysis (living wage, responsible restructuring)
6. Perform project appraisals