Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)



Strategy Consulting
NEG facilitates idea generation and catalyzes change by transforming new ideas into action. Our experts provide strategic advice based on thorough market research tailored to the specific needs of each client. We work with a wide range of foundations and nonprofits to drive their agenda-setting and advance their mission while managing risk.[Read more]

Quality Assurance
Philanthropies are charged with the responsibility to ensure that their funds go to worthy and well-managed organizations which deliver measurable results. Consequently, charitable organizations need to practice due diligence and guarantee compliance with state, national and international laws. NEG offers policy evaluation, program reviews, project monitoring and evaluation, and grants management services. [Read more]

Logistics Management
Charitable entities often invest considerable amounts of energy and financial resources in dealing with logistics. By outsourcing logistics management our clients save time and money which then can be reinvested in their core work. NEG professionals offer a variety of services encompassing meeting and convention logistics, project management and procurement. [Read more]