Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)



Philanthropic Consulting
Our philanthropic consulting is geared towards business leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to leave behind a legacy. We advise and assist our clients to structure their private or corporate foundations, which are in alignment to their giving priorities.

Social Strategy
In today’s rapidly changing world, continued success for many corporations will be determined by their commitment to community welfare. We define social strategy as a coordinated set of actions of a corporation aimed at fostering a positive relationship between social responsibility and financial performance.

NEG helps corporations develop practical and effective strategies to address local, regional, and global issues that can significantly impact their viability, image, performance and growth. NEG subject matter experts advise on a wide range of social issues encompassing global or regional security, transparency, poverty, hunger, environment, health, literacy, and human rights. [Read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility Services
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a change-agent can positively impact both the community and the business. Once it becomes a part of the corporate culture, CSR can be a powerful internal force and lead to increased loyalty and superior service for both customers and employees. As long as a CSR program is a true effort to give back, and not just a marketing or public relations effort, it can pay huge dividends for everyone involved. [Read more]

Social Campaigns
Our experienced team provides a full range of services encompassing planning, negotiation, and organizing of social campaigns and events that range from small to mid-scale professional meetings to large conventions i.e. community-focused campaigns, issue-based campaigns, philanthropic events. We offer expertise in all aspects of managing high-level events attended by heads-of-state and corporate leaders, including management of special security and protocol requirements.